Glitter Your Winter Wear

The fall weather is starting to creep in and cold weather wear is stocking the shelves.  I recently found myself at Express and Guess purchasing some cold weather attire where I was surrounded but glitter and sequenced tops and dresses.  They were being paired with large sweaters that hid most of the glam but gave it just the right touch.  The part that I found most appealing was when you paired a glitter tank with an over-sized sweater you had the opportunity to take off the sweater and have an evening ready outfit.  Needless to say I purchased some well-deserved outfits, that added the just right amount of bling to my winter wardrobe.

Winter Wear

Now that I had these great outfits I started thinking about the finishing touches…what to do with my make-up?  Of course MAC is one step ahead of me with the winter make-up line “Glitter and Ice: Holiday Colour Collection.”  This new collection gives just a touch a glitter without being overpowering.  I would recommend a more natural overall make-up application with the lite application of a glitter shadow and a touch of color on the lips.  My personal favorite is to keep my lips natural with a touch of gloss but when I’m transforming my everyday winter outfit to an evening wear, I recommend breaking out some color that will transform the richness of your face.

Natural with a touch of Glitter

What better way to complete a glittered up outfit then with the perfect feel good shoes.  Glitter Toms have been making a slash, giving you comfort while maintaining their charitable aspect.  I am a proud owner of a pair of black glitter Toms and I’m finding I can pair them with work outfits on casual days to keep a touch of glam.


Needless to say I would jump on the glitter bandwagon because it’s here and is a great way to bring in the holiday season!

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