Unusual Static Hair Remedy

As always, I had the privilege of styling my moms hair last week and as always her hair is the most difficult to work with.  She has a lot of very fine hair and to top it off the bottom of her hair grows in a forceful “V” which makes cutting clean short haircuts a task.  So this time I used a different approach, I flat ironed her hair and took wide “v” shape sections in hopes to create a workable A-line bob that would make her happy.  Why this technique provided me with the desired results, I stumbled on to a new issue…massive static hair that made it difficult to control and cute.

Laundry Sheet



“Grab a laundry sheet and rub it on the hair, it will take the static out!” say’s Lana Douroundian (my mother).



This is were I laughed in disbelieve at what my mother was suggesting, yet found myself headed to the laundry room to see if this remedy could really work.  A few swipes later and an amazed look on my face, my mother had silky straight hair…no static to be seen.  I used the sheet once between each part and cut what I believe was my moms best haircut yet (even with her stubborn part)

I would highly recommend keeping a few laundry sheets in the bathroom now. Especially if you have static hair after flat ironing and don’t want to grease up your hair with unnecessary products.  This little tip can also help your bank account if you have been constantly using anti frizz products.  There will always be a need for great styling products but in between you can visit the laundry room!


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