Themed Holiday Party…Where’s Waldo

Every year there are a plethora of holiday themed parties, the most common being ugly sweater and Santa related themes.  This year I had the pleasure of attending a “Where’s Waldo” Christmas party.  Everyone was instructed to take inspiration form the classic Where’s Waldo outfit and make it their own, while the host of the party was coming in the classic Where’s Waldo get-up glasses and all.  You may think…where is the Christmas in Waldo?  But what is basic Christmas other than red and white candy cane strips.

Red “Bombshell” Shoes

I personally was looking for something more holiday literal that looked Waldo.  My vision was a blue sequenced skirt, a nice white blouse, a little red half jacket and some red heals but what I ended up with was much better.  After combing almost every store in the Irvine Spectrum, Charlotte Russe and Reflections ended up completing my ensemble.  I found a blue dress with a white strip in it at Charlotte Russe, one of the last 2 they had and the only one that was in my size! Reflections had the cutes Mary Jane style red velvet red shoes that I couldn’t walk away form, my big $10 purchase.  All topped off with some red earrings and a flowery red ring.  What Where’s Waldo outfit wouldn’t be complete without the classic Waldo beanie?!  I was fortunate to have a friend that knits and made me a special mini version that made my outfit complete.

Hair was a separate component that took a little research.  Wenda, the female Waldo wore what looks to be short shoulder length hair and since mine was long, curly pigtails felt appropriate.  But to balance out my mini hat I needed some volume.  So here are my steps to Wenda hair;

1)      Blow-dry your hair with a light mousse, something flexible.

2)      Part your hair down the middle making two sections.

3)      Take one section and pull up about two inches of hair at a time and tease the section half of the length of the hair your holding.  Do this to the entire section and then repeat to the other side.

4)      Once the sections are teased, begin to smooth the sections down to the amount of volume you would like, preparing to put the rest of the hair in a ponytail.  The rubber band should sit right below your ear.  Do this to both sides, adjusting in a mirror so the volume of both sides match.

5)      Once your pigtails are in I would use a medium size curling iron to curl the ends of your hair with a firm hold hair spray.  I prefer Redken hairspray products.

6)      Do not soften the curls!  You want them to be tight and defined to keep the cute girly feeling.

7)      Add any type of hair bedazzle you would like.



Where’s Waldo is a fun theme that you can do a lot with.  But don’t be fooled, if you have some true Waldo fans you will find Odlaw (evil Waldo) will crash the party!


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