All TV, Internet TV or No TV

I recently came across a woman that didn’t own a TV.  I was shocked that in 2011 where people are putting TV’s in unique places like bathrooms, here was a woman that didn’t even own a TV, not one!  My initial though was, what does she do with her time?  Working out, working, going out, playing sports, reading maybe even spending time with pets or a significant other…While she does enjoy all of these facets of life the real answer was her computer.  Between Netflix, Hulu and individual TV show sites you can find anything that is on TV at your finger tip, with a monthly price starting at $00!

TV vs. Internet

So how is it that I pay $200 a month for Cable and Internet?  So I started doing some research.

Hulu is completely free; yes I know you already knew that but still.  You can find most anything that was on cable TV through Hulu.  Not the most recent episodes though and not all shows.  I am an avid Man vs. Food watcher and Hulu didn’t have it.  But Hulu does have the option to purchase Hulu Plus (starting at $7.99) and watch TV now with up to date episodes and newer movie.  Bonus: you can use Hulu Plus on your smart phone, tablets, gaming systems, Blue Ray players and of course your computer.

Everyone Knows Netflix, you can start at $7.99 as well but I can say form experience it’s great until you can’t find what you want to watch on-line.  For $7.99 you receive the one DVD in the mail at a time and you have unlimited downloads.  The bummer is Netflix is limited on the movies you can download when it comes to new releases.  They have really worked on increasing the amount TV shows that they offer which is great!

If you can’t find what you are looking for on either of these avenues you can always turn to the direct site.  I unfortunately missed an episode of “The Vampire Diaries” and couldn’t find it anywhere…until I looked on the show website and sure enough there was the episode I missed!  Some head phone, no commercials and a half hour later I was caught up on my mystical teenage drama J

So why do I continue to pay for Cable when I am already paying to the internet?  Convenience and variety.  Sometime I just want to flip through channels and stop at the random shows or old movies that I would have never thought to search for.  Not to mention I live with a wonderfully crazy sports fan who couldn’t survive without his Sports Center and all the ESPN channels.

Just depends on what your preferences are!