Portion Control

It has been two weeks since I have started with a personal trainer and instead of feeling better, I am sore and hungry lol.  One thing I have noticed to be true is smaller portions, more often is working.  Even though I feel like I am constantly eating I’m never uncomfortably full.

Portion Control

So how do you portion control when everything in American is made in portions for four people instead of one?  My little trick is small containers, salad plates and cups instead of bowls.  When I’m packing my lunch I use the smallest container I can find, and if your really paying attention you’ll notice that even that holds a lot.  I went to pack some cottage cheese for lunch and two scoops later I was looking at the container half full going…this is to much!

Salad plates are a perfect tool to keeping your portioning down because you have half the space of a normal plate.  Once you get used to the smaller portion I would recommend taking this one step further and make it so that your food doesn’t touch on the plate…sounds funny but you’ll notice the portion decreases even more once your not piling it on.

Lastly, used a cup as your bowl.  You’ll notice on most cereals, ice cream and bowl used products a serving size is half/full cup.  By using a cup to eat these produces it makes enjoying them easier!

Keep in mind you have to still put healthy items in these portion control containers.  But these tricks are helping me so hopefully they can aid with your goals 🙂