Themed Holiday Party…Where’s Waldo

Every year there are a plethora of holiday themed parties, the most common being ugly sweater and Santa related themes.  This year I had the pleasure of attending a “Where’s Waldo” Christmas party.  Everyone was instructed to take inspiration form the classic Where’s Waldo outfit and make it their own, while the host of the party was coming in the classic Where’s Waldo get-up glasses and all.  You may think…where is the Christmas in Waldo?  But what is basic Christmas other than red and white candy cane strips.

Red “Bombshell” Shoes

I personally was looking for something more holiday literal that looked Waldo.  My vision was a blue sequenced skirt, a nice white blouse, a little red half jacket and some red heals but what I ended up with was much better.  After combing almost every store in the Irvine Spectrum, Charlotte Russe and Reflections ended up completing my ensemble.  I found a blue dress with a white strip in it at Charlotte Russe, one of the last 2 they had and the only one that was in my size! Reflections had the cutes Mary Jane style red velvet red shoes that I couldn’t walk away form, my big $10 purchase.  All topped off with some red earrings and a flowery red ring.  What Where’s Waldo outfit wouldn’t be complete without the classic Waldo beanie?!  I was fortunate to have a friend that knits and made me a special mini version that made my outfit complete.

Hair was a separate component that took a little research.  Wenda, the female Waldo wore what looks to be short shoulder length hair and since mine was long, curly pigtails felt appropriate.  But to balance out my mini hat I needed some volume.  So here are my steps to Wenda hair;

1)      Blow-dry your hair with a light mousse, something flexible.

2)      Part your hair down the middle making two sections.

3)      Take one section and pull up about two inches of hair at a time and tease the section half of the length of the hair your holding.  Do this to the entire section and then repeat to the other side.

4)      Once the sections are teased, begin to smooth the sections down to the amount of volume you would like, preparing to put the rest of the hair in a ponytail.  The rubber band should sit right below your ear.  Do this to both sides, adjusting in a mirror so the volume of both sides match.

5)      Once your pigtails are in I would use a medium size curling iron to curl the ends of your hair with a firm hold hair spray.  I prefer Redken hairspray products.

6)      Do not soften the curls!  You want them to be tight and defined to keep the cute girly feeling.

7)      Add any type of hair bedazzle you would like.



Where’s Waldo is a fun theme that you can do a lot with.  But don’t be fooled, if you have some true Waldo fans you will find Odlaw (evil Waldo) will crash the party!



Unusual Static Hair Remedy

As always, I had the privilege of styling my moms hair last week and as always her hair is the most difficult to work with.  She has a lot of very fine hair and to top it off the bottom of her hair grows in a forceful “V” which makes cutting clean short haircuts a task.  So this time I used a different approach, I flat ironed her hair and took wide “v” shape sections in hopes to create a workable A-line bob that would make her happy.  Why this technique provided me with the desired results, I stumbled on to a new issue…massive static hair that made it difficult to control and cute.

Laundry Sheet



“Grab a laundry sheet and rub it on the hair, it will take the static out!” say’s Lana Douroundian (my mother).



This is were I laughed in disbelieve at what my mother was suggesting, yet found myself headed to the laundry room to see if this remedy could really work.  A few swipes later and an amazed look on my face, my mother had silky straight hair…no static to be seen.  I used the sheet once between each part and cut what I believe was my moms best haircut yet (even with her stubborn part)

I would highly recommend keeping a few laundry sheets in the bathroom now. Especially if you have static hair after flat ironing and don’t want to grease up your hair with unnecessary products.  This little tip can also help your bank account if you have been constantly using anti frizz products.  There will always be a need for great styling products but in between you can visit the laundry room!



OC Blog Crush & OC Press Club Event

OC Blog Crush

I had the pleasure of attending the OC Blog Crush and OC Press Club event last night held at the Marriott Hotel in a Anaheim.  I was surrounded by fellow bloggers, students and journalist form Orange County, all giving their undivided attention to a panel of successful professionals in the media industry.  Out of the four knowledgeable professionals, Chris Epting, grabbed my attention. His enthusiasm for writing inspired me to look at my own blog and the journalism industry in a whole new light.  His outlook on story telling and social media, bring people together that would have never crossed paths or opinions, really gave me so many ideas.

I am officially taking on the title of a “Citizen Journalist.”  Kevin Sablan, from the Orange County Register, expressed this title while speaking about the future of the media industry, bloggers in particular.  Bloggers, “Are recording a bit of history everyday.”  One of the many statements of the night that really hit home.  While bloggers are writing things about their individual lives and opinions, they are sharing observations and experiences with other that may have never been recorded in the past.  People are constantly looking for a way to not feel “alone” in the world, even though we are surrounded by other.  With bloggers expressing themselves freely, it makes it easy for others with the same views to connect in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Do opinions get translated into fact? Sometimes, but that’s why structured media is still an intricate part of everyone’s daily lives.  This is only one of the many topics that was discussed on such and impressive evening.  As you can see this event has started my wheels turning and now that I am an OC Press Club member I look forward to attending more events like this one in the future!


Glitter Extensions?!

This year hair flair has seemed to be on the rise.  First we saw the return of the hippy head bands with the overly teased top hair…then we were introduced to the feature hair extension… and now we graced with the glitter extension.  Question; are glitter extensions a flattering new addition to an everyday women’s style? or does it breach the kindergarten barrier and we will soon be seeing adult light up sneakers?

Glitter Extensions

I personally think that it all depends on your individual look and style.  Which is the case in most extensions.  For blonds I think its flattering and adds shine to the hair but that’t not the case for red heads and brunettes.  I find with darker colors Glitter Extensions almost look gimmicky…like you should be going to a Vegas party or out for a wild night, not the ever day work attire.

These extensions can be found for a pretty reasonably price on-line and  they are clip in so that makes it much easier for the non hair guru.  The only way to know what your take would be is to try it and let me know!



Summer Dresses Continued….

Everyone loves a summer dress…they are cute, comfortable and easy to accessorize.  So why not continue wearing your summer dressed in the winter?  I went through my closet and found some great ways to dress up my summer dresses and make them winter wear friendly.

Add a high boot – not only are high boots great for keeping your legs warm but they can add a little kick that will make your summer look more winter.


Add a jacket or half sweater – Adding a jacket or half sweater can keep your shoulders warm and gives you the opportunity to add some color to the mix.  You can spice up a cute sun dress without adding all the accessories, some jackets have the buttons and zippers to do it for you.  www.bubbleroom.com


Add some leggings – When in dough add leggings.  They come in so many colors and prints now that you can find any style that will compliment a cute summer dress.  I have found the best selection at Forever 2.  Yes if you are a mature women you may feel a little silly surrounded but teens but you will not regret the visit with all the options.


I have already gone through my closet in preparation for the summer months.  It’s always a good idea to keep these simple tips in mind when your shopping in the summer months.  Making your wardrobe have a longer life span can only help your pocket books bottom line 🙂

PS. A scarf is always an awesome winter choice as well!


Toothpaste tube

Home Remedies

With modern technology we find ourselves constantly relying on the newest and recommended best products to take care of our everyday needs.  Well I would like to take a minute and reflect back to some home remedies that I have heard and experienced over the years…

Baking Soda Bath – We have all experiences unexpected sunburns or an accidental burn form an iron.  Before burn cream, people used to put baking soda in warm bath water to sooth the sting from burns.  I have unfortunately had to use this remedy on myself and it really works.

Baking Soda

Onions can help kick your cold! – There was a point in my life I felt as though getting a cold was an every other week event.  Finally a friend approached me with a home remedy that at first I thought was odd but then warmed up to reality that it works.  When you feel as though you are coming down with a cold cut an onion and place one half by your bed and the other across the room.  Not only does the smell of the onion keep your sinuses clear, (making it easier to rest) there is something about the onion that as it dries it absorbs bacteria in the air.  Don’t believe me try it, you will find you get better quicker!

Toothpaste Removes Blemishes – One day I was visiting my grandma and happen to have a very uncomfortable and deep pimple on my face.  She drug me to the bathroom before going to bed and smothered toothpaste all over the blemish.  I woke up in the morning to have the pimple half the size it was from the night before. WHAT! One more night and it was completely gone without spending any money on expensive products or painfully trying to rip it off my face.

Colgate Toothpaste

Garlic as a Natural Antibiotic – With all the medical hype about not over using antibiotic because of your body building up a tolerance, why not start helping yourself on a daily basis?  Garlic can be used for more than just repulsing people with bad breath, including it into your daily vitamins can help build up your natural immunities.

Frozen Waffles for Teething Babies – I recently asked my Facebook follower for their own home remedies and Patricia was nice enough to include a mother’s perspective.  Apparently frozen waffles can give teething babies relief with a cold and soft texture.


Eggo Waffles

I know that there are plenty more home remedies and I would love to hear your suggestions!