Finding the Right Bathing Suit

With the clouds starting to finally part in Orange County I feel as though all I have been seeing lately are bathing suites.  While I am not enthusiastic about getting into a bathing suit and hitting the beach, I am exciting about the act of finding a new bathing suit for the summer session.  As I read all the Do’s and Don’ts of purchasing the right bathing suit for my shape I realized I look nothing like any of the women (that they say are average sizes) that are giving me buying advice.  Not to mention none of the bathing suit that were being featured were really catching my eye in terms of style.

So I set out to find my perfect 2011 bathing suit.  What better place to start then the Irvine Spectrum… being that there are plenty of stores to choose from.  Swim Spot, Tilly’s, Old Navy, Target, Oakley and even a little Forever 21 action just in case, Nothing!   And yes I stayed away from Nordstrom’s and Bebe because let’s face it dropping $200 on one bathing suit is only SLIGHTLY out of my price range.  Disappointed I packed my 2010 Guess bathing suit for my first trip of the year, Vegas, promising myself that when I got home I would continue the search.

Low and behold the light bulb came on.   I remembered a custom bathing suit shop in Laguna Niguel called Island Girl Beachwear.  So I sent out excited that I would find just what I was looking for, even though I really had no idea want I wanted.  Yes there was a lot to choose from, yes I tried on a few suits that I thought were flattering but no I wasn’t in love with any of them.

Defeated and on my way home I passes the Laguna Hills Mall and though “Why not!”  Oh… was that the best decision ever.  I discovered “Macy’s Swim.”  They are an affiliate of Macy’s but during the summer session they have their own stand alone store in the mall.  Not only is this a whole store dedicated to swim suits, brand name and not so brand name, it’s just for women J  After trying on a dozen bathing suits, instead of being disappointed I had to decide between three different Hurley suits that I loved and fit great…

Excited to have found my 2011 suit, which do you think I chose?