Food Pyramid vs. Food Plate


Food Pyramid

Its official…the new Food Plate has replaced the Food Pyramid.  But what does this really mean to the everyday person?  Nothing really!  For most people when you are taught the food pyramid in grade school it’s more to teach you nutritional balance, start you on the path of keeping your body health.  Yet most people aren’t constantly referring to the Pyramid for guidance as they get older.  Not to mention that everyone’s body is different and needs a different nutritional balance to maintain personal preferences.  I for one think the new Food Plate will be easier to use and understand for the everyday person.  It’s more visually recognizable being that we are looking at a plate when we eat most of our meals (minus fast foods).  Really though the Food Plate is commons since and like everything, to make it successful there has to be tips to understanding what makes this new system better.


10 Tips

As we watch this new wave of nutritional trends emerge I’m interested to see how restaurants and fast food establishments integrate the new Food Plate into their menus!  We all saw how the calorie counts caught on like wild fire.  If they were smart they would dedicate one item to the new Food Plate diagram and keep people thinking dining out can still meet dieting needs.