OC Blog Crush & OC Press Club Event

OC Blog Crush

I had the pleasure of attending the OC Blog Crush and OC Press Club event last night held at the Marriott Hotel in a Anaheim.  I was surrounded by fellow bloggers, students and journalist form Orange County, all giving their undivided attention to a panel of successful professionals in the media industry.  Out of the four knowledgeable professionals, Chris Epting, grabbed my attention. His enthusiasm for writing inspired me to look at my own blog and the journalism industry in a whole new light.  His outlook on story telling and social media, bring people together that would have never crossed paths or opinions, really gave me so many ideas.

I am officially taking on the title of a “Citizen Journalist.”  Kevin Sablan, from the Orange County Register, expressed this title while speaking about the future of the media industry, bloggers in particular.  Bloggers, “Are recording a bit of history everyday.”  One of the many statements of the night that really hit home.  While bloggers are writing things about their individual lives and opinions, they are sharing observations and experiences with other that may have never been recorded in the past.  People are constantly looking for a way to not feel “alone” in the world, even though we are surrounded by other.  With bloggers expressing themselves freely, it makes it easy for others with the same views to connect in a way that wasn’t possible before.

Do opinions get translated into fact? Sometimes, but that’s why structured media is still an intricate part of everyone’s daily lives.  This is only one of the many topics that was discussed on such and impressive evening.  As you can see this event has started my wheels turning and now that I am an OC Press Club member I look forward to attending more events like this one in the future!