Summer No No’s

With the summer here and the weather encouraging everyone to go outside, I wanted to share some things to avoid during the summer months that seem to reoccur every year.  While they make people watching interesting and encourage pool side gossip, the following are my top five NO NO’s…

Avoid Sunburns – Everyone knows that sun burns are not the best for your skin.  Sun burns dry out your skin, hurt and pealing isn’t the best look with a crop top shirt.  Adding an everyday lotion with an SPF can dramatically help with the unwanted sun burns and funky tan lines. Nivea Natural Tone Lotion



Avoid Sunglass Tans – Everyone loves their designer shades but let’s FACE it, sunglass tans are not attractive and are very hard to cover up.  When you plan on spending a little time in the sun make sure to re-enforce your makeup with a good SPF face lotion (the SPF in your make-up is not enough). I have tried many and unfortunately for myself I have very sensitive skin.  But Bobby Brown finally came through for me with his Protective Face Lotion.  If you anticipate a long day in the sun definitely wear a good facial sun screen and don’t forget your hat.


Sunglass Tan

Avoid Frizzy Hair – With hot weather and the constant in and out of the pool or ocean, your hair can take a beating.  Carry a leave in conditioner with you on beach and pool days; I have had the best result with AG conditioning mist.  Using a reconstructive conditioner a few times a month can make a huge difference in the health of your hair.   I highly recommend K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor, it makes my hair feel like silk!  Lastly its summer, stay away from your blow dryer when you have the chance.  With constant wear and tear form the weather your hair will need a break from the heat!


Frizzy Hair

Avoid Orange Fake Tans – I know that spray tanning is a great way to keep a summer glow and decrease the UV exposure to your skin, but we all know that there is a difference between summer glow and orange alien glow.  For the everyday I would recommend Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer.  This gives you subtle color and makes your skin feel great.  I am still an old fashion tanning bed girl and frequently visit Unique Tan in Mission Viejo.  I know they offer spray tanning and I have had friend come out looking great, but the fear of Orange glow keeps me away.


Fake Tan

Avoid Make-up Mistakes – In the summer the natural look prevails!  Keep away from caking on the make-up and at all time wear waterproof mascara, you never know when someone will be throwing you in the water unexpectedly.  A little bronzer on the cheeks, a shimmery lip gloss and you will be ready to rock your summer sun dresses. While I am not a fan of the MAC foundations, I have to give it to them on their bronzers and colors they have launched for the summer!