Summer No No’s

With the summer here and the weather encouraging everyone to go outside, I wanted to share some things to avoid during the summer months that seem to reoccur every year.  While they make people watching interesting and encourage pool side gossip, the following are my top five NO NO’s…

Avoid Sunburns – Everyone knows that sun burns are not the best for your skin.  Sun burns dry out your skin, hurt and pealing isn’t the best look with a crop top shirt.  Adding an everyday lotion with an SPF can dramatically help with the unwanted sun burns and funky tan lines. Nivea Natural Tone Lotion



Avoid Sunglass Tans – Everyone loves their designer shades but let’s FACE it, sunglass tans are not attractive and are very hard to cover up.  When you plan on spending a little time in the sun make sure to re-enforce your makeup with a good SPF face lotion (the SPF in your make-up is not enough). I have tried many and unfortunately for myself I have very sensitive skin.  But Bobby Brown finally came through for me with his Protective Face Lotion.  If you anticipate a long day in the sun definitely wear a good facial sun screen and don’t forget your hat.


Sunglass Tan

Avoid Frizzy Hair – With hot weather and the constant in and out of the pool or ocean, your hair can take a beating.  Carry a leave in conditioner with you on beach and pool days; I have had the best result with AG conditioning mist.  Using a reconstructive conditioner a few times a month can make a huge difference in the health of your hair.   I highly recommend K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor, it makes my hair feel like silk!  Lastly its summer, stay away from your blow dryer when you have the chance.  With constant wear and tear form the weather your hair will need a break from the heat!


Frizzy Hair

Avoid Orange Fake Tans – I know that spray tanning is a great way to keep a summer glow and decrease the UV exposure to your skin, but we all know that there is a difference between summer glow and orange alien glow.  For the everyday I would recommend Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer.  This gives you subtle color and makes your skin feel great.  I am still an old fashion tanning bed girl and frequently visit Unique Tan in Mission Viejo.  I know they offer spray tanning and I have had friend come out looking great, but the fear of Orange glow keeps me away.


Fake Tan

Avoid Make-up Mistakes – In the summer the natural look prevails!  Keep away from caking on the make-up and at all time wear waterproof mascara, you never know when someone will be throwing you in the water unexpectedly.  A little bronzer on the cheeks, a shimmery lip gloss and you will be ready to rock your summer sun dresses. While I am not a fan of the MAC foundations, I have to give it to them on their bronzers and colors they have launched for the summer!




Messy Bun

Pool Side Hair Styles

Taking care of your hair while enjoying the sun is very important but style can’t be thrown out the window either.  After years of experience and looking at a lot of hair styles I have found a few styles that are functional and pool side appealing.

1)      The Side Bun – The great thing about the side bun is that it can be messy cute.  It also shows that you have hair even though it’s pulled back.  While this seems like a funny comment, you would be surprised how boyish slicking your hair straight back can be, and boyish isn’t sexy!


Messy Bun


2)      French Twist – For those who are not really into getting your hair wet, the French Twist is a perfect solution.  It adds a little elegance to a classy bathing suit or you can choose to have hair come out the top for a slightly funkier look.


French Twist


3)      Pigtails (don’t forget the hat!) –  Pigtails are a classic, simple way to look a little younger and keep your hair out of your face.  Be careful, you don’t want to look like your trying to be 15 again!  Try pairing this classic style with a cute hat for a more youthful but sophisticated look




4)      Braids – Any type of braid will work but the French braid you can’t go wrong with.  They are one of the easier braids to do on yourself and even messy they look cute.  A trend that has made its way back on the scene is the headband French braid…a little hippy looking but leave out the forehead band and you will be styling.




I have to say my favorite would be the messy bun.  It’s easy and can be redone throughout the day.  Whatever your preference if you’re not wearing a hat do not forget the sunscreen because scalp burns are no fun!



Take Care of Your Pool Hair


Hair Care

With the weather getting better and Memorial Day weekend around the corner the pool and beach are looking more and more appealing.  What’s not appealing is the damaged hair that comes with playing in the water to much. So here are a few tips that I recommend trying through your summer fun;

1)      Conditioner is your friend! – If you’re going to be spending the day in an out of the water put conditioner in your hair and put it up.   Whether you rock a braid or a bun, a thick coating of conditioner will help protect your hair from chlorine and salt, which dry out your hair.  If you like more of the wet hair down look bring a spray bottle with a mixture of water and leave in conditioner with you.  Use every time before getting in the water to keep your hair moisturized.

2)      Ready… Set… Shampoo! – I know after a long day in the sun and playing in the water taking a shower may be the last think on your mind, but do it!  Hair is very porous so not only are you drying it out all day, if you don’t wash out the hair cuticle and refresh your hair with moisture it’s going to feel dry and brittle.  Washing also helps keeps blonds form looking green and colored hair form looking dull. (I recommend Joico’s KPak Sun Therapy –

3)      Protective Cap?! – While I would never ware one just because I’m not a professional swimmer they do help reduce the amount of exposure your hair receives.  But let’s be real, you’re more likely not to go in the water then use one!

4)      Don’t be afraid of the scissors! – After a long summer of heat, wind, sand and water don’t be afraid to get a trim and start fresh for the winter.  Taking the ends off will make your hair grow and keep it looking healthy.  Not to mention getting your hair cut keeps you up to date with the current styles!


While caring for your hair this summer is very important, I haven’t ignored my feminine side that wants to look good at the pool too.


“Pool Side Styles” blog coming soon!”



Finding the Right Bathing Suit

With the clouds starting to finally part in Orange County I feel as though all I have been seeing lately are bathing suites.  While I am not enthusiastic about getting into a bathing suit and hitting the beach, I am exciting about the act of finding a new bathing suit for the summer session.  As I read all the Do’s and Don’ts of purchasing the right bathing suit for my shape I realized I look nothing like any of the women (that they say are average sizes) that are giving me buying advice.  Not to mention none of the bathing suit that were being featured were really catching my eye in terms of style.

So I set out to find my perfect 2011 bathing suit.  What better place to start then the Irvine Spectrum… being that there are plenty of stores to choose from.  Swim Spot, Tilly’s, Old Navy, Target, Oakley and even a little Forever 21 action just in case, Nothing!   And yes I stayed away from Nordstrom’s and Bebe because let’s face it dropping $200 on one bathing suit is only SLIGHTLY out of my price range.  Disappointed I packed my 2010 Guess bathing suit for my first trip of the year, Vegas, promising myself that when I got home I would continue the search.

Low and behold the light bulb came on.   I remembered a custom bathing suit shop in Laguna Niguel called Island Girl Beachwear.  So I sent out excited that I would find just what I was looking for, even though I really had no idea want I wanted.  Yes there was a lot to choose from, yes I tried on a few suits that I thought were flattering but no I wasn’t in love with any of them.

Defeated and on my way home I passes the Laguna Hills Mall and though “Why not!”  Oh… was that the best decision ever.  I discovered “Macy’s Swim.”  They are an affiliate of Macy’s but during the summer session they have their own stand alone store in the mall.  Not only is this a whole store dedicated to swim suits, brand name and not so brand name, it’s just for women J  After trying on a dozen bathing suits, instead of being disappointed I had to decide between three different Hurley suits that I loved and fit great…

Excited to have found my 2011 suit, which do you think I chose?