San Francisco Shopping Trip!

I love San Francisco… and the buzz of the city.  But even more then that I love to shop.  I just got back from a great long weekend with my boyfriend and I can’t get the Westfield San Francisco City Center out of my mind.  With six levels and over 200 stores to choose from, I’m actually surprised I didn’t get lost and miss my flight 🙂  When you walk in and see the round-a-bout escalators, you have to kink your neck a little to look up but it takes your breath away.  The minute you think you have seen everything, like every mall there seems to be an aisle you didn’t even know existed.  Trust me you will have a blast and get in your exercise for the day when shopping at the Westfield.

Urban Shopping

At the main hub for Cable Cars the  elaborate Westfield building sits and high end shops draw you in.  Of course I had to stop at the staples…Guess, Express, Urban Outfitters and this trip the Vans store pleasantly surprised me.  I have been wanting a pair of Toms for a while now but was wishy washy because they are pricy and I hear the soles wear out quickly.  This led me into the Vans store where I discovered the cutest pair of grey Vans which weren’t displayed where you would think they would be!  Lady’s and Gent’s don’t always dismiss the hanging shoe rack…you may find gold.


While much more was purchases on this exciting San Francisco shopping trip I would be here forever going over every great item.   Now that I am back in the OC I am tasked with cleaning out the closet to make space for my new clothing.  I will always remember our S.F. shopping day and the intense packing that I went along with a great vacation!