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– Monday, October 8, 2011

OC Metro Magazine


“Lynzee was a great addition to our pre-wedding preparations!  Besides doing a fantastic job of my hair and of my Maid of Honor’s hair too, she brought her sunny personality to our California wedding. Her service was great and she came right to the house. I would highly recommend Lynzee.”
– Christina Tulloch, Bride
  August 26, 2011

“I’ve never been happier with my hair – from cut to color to styling … I have total confidence in Lynzee and trust her completely.”

–  Kimberly A. Porrazzo, President / COO, Editorial Director at Churm Media

“Lynzee has done my hair for years. It’s hard to find a stylist you can trust to always make your hair look amazing, no matter what. She suggests different colors for my lowlights that will give me a change but not be too drastic. I highly recommend you go see her if you want to have GORGEOUS hair!”

– Crista Conboy, Behavioral Therapist

“When i was looking to do my hair for my wedding the first person that came to mind was lynzee, she had done a trial run about two weeks before and we tried several different styles and they all looked so amazing that i had such a hard time deciding what one i wanted to go with. I chose to go with the side updo with curls and it couldn’t have been a better choice thank you so much for making my wedding day and thank you for being there for me i love you girl!”

– Breanna